We’re a New Zealand-born haircare brand making luxury more inclusive. Our formulations are free from SLS and parabens, and we’re also proudly cruelty-free and vegan. We pride ourselves on our beloved pink bottles, which are also 100% recyclable.

We believe good hair should be an everyday thing, and not just saved for special occasions (or Zoom job interviews). Monday is the day when you set your intentions, and have the whole week stretched ahead of you. We loved that optimism for MONDAY.

“Exclusivity” used to be a big buzz word in beauty. But we didn’t want that. MONDAY is all about making luxury more inclusive, which is why we make our products widely available at an affordable price point. We’re also vegan, cruelty-free, and don’t use SLS or parabens – and don’t believe you should have to pay more for this!

Beauty-obsessed New Zealander Jaimee Lupton is the co-founder of MONDAY. She was inspired to create a range of products that provide the benefits of salon-quality formulations, but at supermarket prices.

Yes, she is! Georgia is so much more than the face (and hair muse) of MONDAY; she’s also involved in the product development and creative direction of MONDAY.

MONDAY Haircare is currently available to buy in Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Please use the ‘Select Country’ link at the bottom of this page to first select the region you are in. From there, you will be able to navigate to our Stockists page for a full list of retailers.


Have thin, fine or oily hair? Try VOLUME
Have curly, coily or frizzy hair? Try SMOOTH
Have dry or coarse hair? Try MOISTURE
Have normal hair or hair that needs extra TLC? Try GENTLE

SLS in your products is one of the main things to avoid when you have a keratin treatment done, and luckily MONDAY doesn’t contain SLS. We have tested MONDAY with some keratin treatments, and found them to be safe, however we do recommend consulting your haircare professional to ensure that the haircare products you’re using are suitable for the particular keratin treatment you’re receiving.

We’ve worked hard to ensure our formulas cater to all hair needs and types. For those with hair extensions, our recommendation would be to use either our SMOOTH or GENTLE ranges and keep the conditioner away from bonds, wefts and tapes. We always recommend checking with your stylist first, but both your natural and ‘extra’ hair should love MONDAY.

Unfortunately MONDAY isn’t formulated especially for sensitive skin or scalp, so we’re not able to recommend any of our lines to you. We’d recommend using products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin, if you’re not already!

While our products have been dermatologically tested and proven to be safe for adults, we haven’t tested them for children and babies, which technically means we can’t recommend it. As with anything, their skin and hair can respond differently, and their tolerance to certain ingredients is lower – so it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Everyone’s needs during pregnancy are different, which is why we recommend checking with your healthcare professional about the cosmetic and haircare products you should be using during this (exciting) time of your life.

We’re certainly not trying to rob you of liquid gold, we promise! Our bottles contain the volume of shampoo or conditioner that’s printed on the front of the bottle (depending on which size you purchased). It’s actually that the bottle is a little bigger, as excess space is needed during production to ensure there’s no overflow when the pump is inserted.


We include our full ingredient listings on each of our product pages, here. Click through to the line you’re interested in, then drop down on the Shampoo and/or Conditioner. Please note that while we strive to keep these ingredient lists as accurate as possible, they should be used as a guide only. Always refer to the product packaging (back of bottle) for the most accurate list of ingredients.

If you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed in our products, we’d ask that you refrain from using them. If you’re unsure, contact your usual physician or health care professional for clarification. If you need a hand deciphering our ingredient list or want to double-check if our formulations include a specific ingredient, feel free to reach out to us. The back of our bottles will always have the most accurate information printed, but you can also use the ingredients listed under each product in Our Range as a guide. And as with any cosmetic product, if you experience a reaction after using one of our products, please discontinue use. You can also reach out to us with any concerns, via the Contact Us section.

SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate, and is a surfactant (meaning it attaches to and removes oil-based dirt) that’s commonly used in shampoos, cleansers and toothpaste. It gives your product that foamy, lathery feel and gives you a super-clean feeling. However it can be quite drying, and many people find it harsh on their hair and skin. As such, we use more gentle surfactants such as the coconut-derived sodium olefin sulfonate and sodium cocoyl isethionate, which still give a lather without that same harshness.

Parabens are a type of preservative commonly used in cosmetics to help stabilise a formula and prevent things like mould and bacteria developing in the bottle – however, some people can find them to be harsh. They do have a necessary effect, so we look to alternatives such as phenoxyethanol, which is an effective and very stable antimicrobial.

Our formulas contain a fragrance based on gardenia! We’ve also snuck in an array of ingredients (including ginger root extract) which, along with having other benefits, subtly add to the smell.


Yes, MONDAY Haircare is cruelty-free. (We love animal TikToks, not animal testing!) We are PETA-certified for this. All MONDAY products are also vegan and suitable for vegans.

Yes! All MONDAY Haircare products are vegan and suitable for vegans.

Yes, MONDAY bottles are recyclable! They’re made from 100% recyclable HDPE plastic and our pumps are made from 100% recyclable plastic, which means you can add them to your regular plastic recycling bins and they shouldn’t end up in landfill. (Be sure to wash them out with you in the shower first!) Our bottles are proudly made using 20% recycled plastic, and we’re constantly working on ways to increase this percentage.

Our Refill Pouches are in the works—watch this space!

Our products are made with best-in-class ingredients and manufacturing facilities in China, in compliance with all regulations in the countries they’re sold in (currently Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the UAE). Our manufacturing partner holds BRC, SEDEX and ISO4001 certifications, which are global frameworks ensuring ethical standards and integrity across product safety, quality and worker conditions, among other things.